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Meet the Team

Dr. James Wylde
President and CEO

Dr. James Wylde is an experienced team leader and program manager. Most recently, he was the Manager for Business Development at Bubble Technology Industries in Chalk River, Ontario, a company specializing in radiation detection instrumentation. Prior to that, he was the Vice President for Business Development at 1st Detect Corp., a spin-out company in Houston TX commercializing a line of mass spectrometer products based on technology from the space program. He cultivated and managed teams including program & project management, sales and marketing, and applications chemistry. He has extensive experience building teams and leading projects which resulted in bringing successful new products to market for both small and large companies. He received the Ph.D. degree from Dalhousie University, MASc from the University of Toronto, and the BEng degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia.


Simon Benwell
COO & VP Engineering

At Mission Control, Simon developed programs to deliver space ready components from chip to product, commercializing and developing technology related to space applications. Simon has worked as a Business Unit Director for Jabil the world second largest manufacturing subcontractor, before which he was Business Unit Director for Versawave leading R&D activities into commercialization while managing engineering, sales, operations and marketing. Simon worked as an independent consultant in the same capacity after his time as Director of Operations, Manufacturing, IT & Facilities at OneChip Photonics Inc., and at Bookham Inc. (formerly Nortel). Simon holds an M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering from Clifton College and previously served on the British Army Air Corps and as a UN Peacekeeper. In his spare time, Simon volunteers with Ontario Ground Search & Rescue and enjoys time on the water either sailing or paddling.


Louise Richardson RN
Director, Regulatory and Medical Affairs

Louise Richardson is a Registered Nurse with post-graduate education in Mental Health. She has worked in community nursing for the last twenty-four years, along with a private practice in medication consulting and supporting persons with traumatic head injuries. Louise recently moved back from Atlantic Canada where she worked in community mental health and addiction,  where she did supportive counselling, crises intervention and psychosocial education.  Louise has comprehensive knowledge in pharmaceuticals and the current issues affecting the community in relation to substance abuse. Her other interests are equestrian events and she has competed locally and at the international (FEI) level. She also enjoys sea kayaking and when she not on her horse she is in the water enjoying nature.


Nicole Wylde
Director, Marketing & Sales,
Business Communications

Nicole Wylde is an accomplished marketing and communications professional experienced in organizing and facilitating international micro and nanotechnology commercialization conferences. She has extensive experience in coordinating all aspects of corporate marketing and conference management including venue and contracting, vendor management, scheduling, sponsor and exhibitor management, website and corporate electronic presence. In her most recent role with the Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF), a membership driven not-for-profit, she successfully organized over 10 local and international conferences (typically 300+ attendees, typical budget >$1M) across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia. She managed a network of over 1000 members, 50 sponsors and corporate members, and industrial partners including   sponsor engagement and capture, media relations, technical writing and editing, vendor coordination (A/V, catering, exhibit, hotels), corporate branding (Website, Logos, Emails), graphics and technical publications.


David Rafferty
Scientific Advisor

Mr. Rafferty has over 20 years of experience developing novel chemical detection and analysis instrumentation, leading research and development teams to bring several world-class mass spectrometry-based products to the market for a wide variety of industries including the safety and security sector, petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage, healthcare, and aerospace industries. Most recently, he served as President and Chief Technology Officer at 1st Detect Corporation for 15 years developing and delivering mass spectrometry technologies and products into field portable applications, including an aerospace grade, handheld mass spectrometer for use by astronauts on extravehicular activities outside of the International Space Station. He holds over 25 patents in mass spectrometry, thermal desorption, sample collection, low-power electronics, and ion optics. Mr. Rafferty is frequently an invited speaker at international instrumentation conferences and focused symposia on portable and harsh environment mass spectrometry.


Walter Wylde
Business and Finance Advisor

Mr. Wylde has over 30 years of experience in finance and public administration. His career with the Nova Scotia Department of Finance included Health Services Tax Interpretations and Rulings, Tax Information, and Revenue Enforcement. Mr. Wylde served on the lead harmonization team chaired by the Deputy Minister representing the Nova Scotia Provincial Government to negotiate with New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and the Government of Canada to implement the Harmonized Sales Tax. Mr. Wylde will provide Greenlight Analytical with financial and business operations expertise. In his spare time, Mr. Wylde enjoys gardening, home renovations, and automotive detailing.