Greenlight Analytical (GLA) is seeking investment funds to complete the design, development and release of our novel chemical analyzer to market.  More information can be found on Gust

GLA’s bench-top Chemical Analyzer, designed to be used in the greenhouse, allows producers to increase revenue by maximizing THC/CBD potency, and monitoring terpenes and flavour compounds to create consistent strains for which customers will pay a premium.

Our instrument provides rapid, affordable testing with a highly accurate, easy-to-use interface. In house, producers can now measure over 100 chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, anti-fungal agents, terpenes, etc., as well as optimizing THC/ CBD, in real-time, without the cost and time constraints of an outside laboratory. Growers have repeatably told us they need to test more plants, more often, with the new GLA bench-top instrument, weekly or even daily testing is possible.

GLA’s beach-head market; Cannabis and Derivatives (edibles, drinkables, CBD wellness products); will provide early revenue through sales to Licensed Producers (LP)s. The value of the cannabis/CBD industry is expected to grow to $5.2B in Canada, and globally to $300B, by 2024.  Recurring revenue will be realized through service & support contracts, leasing, and proprietary data & software. Failure to meet Government regulations costs over $275M annually in lost product and fines, Greenlight Analytical can help LP’s mitigate this issue. 

Our growth markets; Healthcare and Law Enforcement; will open up an $8B opportunity. With simple software and packaging changes, our analyzers will ensure product safety and consistency, empower medical personnel with critical information to save lives, and provide government regulators and revenue enforcement agencies with tools to ensure compliance with tax and supply chain regulations. 

Please use our contact page to get in touch or reach us via Gust.

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