Cannabis Analyzer

Greenlight Analytical (GLA) is developing a highly accurate bench-top cannabis analyzer: capable of measuring potency, flavour, quality, and safety: in a single device. GLA's instrument has a patent pending sample introduction system that makes it easy enough to be used by producers, right in the grow-room. It provides fast results so that LPs can correct quality or regulatory problems in real time, without the risk of losing crops. The machine learning data processing means that non-expert users can easily interpret the complex output

The mass spectrometer-based analyzer allows Greenlight Analytical to measure hundreds of chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, anti-fungal agents, and herbicides, simultaneously. Monitor your crops as they grow to optimize THC & CBD potency.

No pre-treatment of the cannabis is required. No weighing, measuring, or mixing with reagents. Other manufacturers require up to a half an hour of “pre-test” preparation before the actual testing can take place. With our device, you place a bud in the chamber, press the start button, and within 5 minutes, you have your test result in an easy to understand format.

Cannabis Testing in the Grow-Room

The Greenlight Analytical Chemical Analyzer is/has:

  • Low Cost
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple User Interface
  • Easily Upgraded
  • Highly Accurate
  • Quantifiable Results