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Producing cannabis can be a challenging endeavor due to various factors that impact cultivation, processing, and distribution.  Cannabis producers are struggling to maximize revenue and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive and regulated market. Crops are being lost, downgraded to les valuable products, or sold at a loss. Growers have many environmental monitoring tools at their disposal, but without a simple way to measure the plants in real time, they still don’t know if the crops are responding to these controls until after the post-harvest analysis.


GLA introduces an easy-to-use, highly accurate, on-site analyzer that can measure the chemical profile of any plant as it grows. It is now more important than ever to optimize crops for quality, potency, and yield; allowing producers to consistently deliver a higher-quality, high revenue product.

By taking the guesswork out of indoor agriculture & cannabis production, the HarvestIQ provides producers with the actionable information necessary to adjust the growing environment & nutrients for real-time crop steering, providing optimal quality and greater profits.

HarvestIQ’s actionable insights will allow you to:

  • Ensure quality & potency
  • Increase product margins
  • Maximize profits with increased efficiency & consistency.


Greenlight Analytical's HarvestIQ
HarvestIQ in-house cannabis analyzer


  • Direct sample introduction, no preparation required
  • User Interface displays easily understood results
  • Can be operated by anyone
  • Fits easily into your daily workflow
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership



  • Uniquely measure each cannabinoid and terpene, not just totals
  • Accurate output that is comparable to laboratory measurements
  • Only need minimal amount of product to test
  • Measure major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids, with just one sample
  • AI-powered; machine learning algorithms interpret the analysis for you
  • Expand capabilities with downloadable chemical libraries
  • Measure complex samples without chromatography.



  • Report major and minor cannabinoids
  • Terpene profiling to ensure taste, smell, & experience for consumers
  • Track and adjust plants’ chemical profile throughout the growth cycle
  • Monitor the impact of modifications on growing conditions
  • Identification of optimal potency to determine harvest time
  • Close the loop on crop steering by measuring the plants response to environmental changes



  • Comprehensive and actionable results in minutes.


HarvestIQ in-house cannabis analyzer

For a limited time only, GLA is offering an Early Adopter Program!

Reach out to [email protected] or contact us for further information and assistance.

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