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No. Greenlight Analytical is not intended to replace Health Canada or state certified laboratory testing. Our solutions are designed to help licensed cannabis producers detect problems before they become an issue with certified testing. This is a productivity tool, one with which LP’s can optimize production as well as detect chemicals of interest.

Greenlight Analytical is headquartered in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia.

Greenlight Analytical will initially serve licensed growers & producers of medical and recreational cannabis. Our solution will allow producers to maximize crop yield and revenue by optimizing product potency; increasing yield per licensed square foot, and monitoring taste, smell, and flavour compounds to produce a safe, consistent, quality product that consumers demand.

Greenlight Analytical has the highest performing product, with the lowest cost of ownership, giving customers laboratory performance in a package size and price previously unattainable in-house. Greenlight Analytical is led by a team of seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in designing and building cutting edge instruments for a wide variety of customers and applications.

Our solutions are designed to be

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