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Sustainable Bio-Fuel Production

Toxin Detection in Biofuel Production

Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by fungi that can contaminate crops, including corn. Once contaminated, corn is used for ethanol production and the remaining biomass then sold for use in animal feed. Mycotoxins which are know to survive the extraction process, can be introduced into animal feed and the food chain, posing a health risk to both animals and humans worldwide.

GLA introduces an easy-to-use, highly accurate, on-site analyzer that can measure the chemical profile of any plant, as it grows. By testing corn for mycotoxins prior to ethanol production, producers can ensure that only high-quality, uncontaminated corn is used in the process. This not only reduces the risk of mycotoxins entering the food chain but also helps to improve overall efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tested biomass that meets the standards has higher market re-sell value to bio-ethanol producers which makes the production of bio-ethanol more cost-effective.

HarvestIQ’s actionable insights will allow you to:

  • Protect consumers and animals from contaminated food supply.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Maximize profits with increased efficiency & consistency.
  • Increase brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and food quality.
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