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Greenlight Analytical (GLA) is revolutionizing vertical farming, precision agriculture, and cannabis production with an affordable, easy-to-use, highly accurate crop analyzer. The HarvestIQ provides easy-to-read, actionable results so you can make real-time course corrections, consistently optimizing crop quality, safety, and yield; ultimately mitigating loss and increasing revenue.

Our solution uses the same technology as labs, without the need for complex sample preparation or consumables, and our AI-driven, predictive software gives producers the information needed in an easily understood report. HarvestIQ allows growers to steer crops efficiently and consistently to produce high-quality, high-revenue products to meet consumer demands..

Check out our latest interview with Cannabis Science and Technology featuring James Wylde, President & CEO of Greenlight Analytical!

Dive into the world of crop steering and discover how our HarvestIQ technology provides real-time insights to optimize your grow. From cutting-edge tech to tackling industry challenges, this is a must-watch for every grower looking to enhance their yields. Watch the full video now and see how Greenlight Analytical is revolutionizing agriculture! 

know your grow with harvestiq


Improve QUALITY & Bottom Line

Cultivators must improve quality, optimize potency, and maximize yield to command premium prices, increasing revenue, and profitability.  GLA’s HarvestIQ gives producers actionable information to identify issues early and take corrective action when it matters most.  

By taking the guesswork out of indoor agriculture & cannabis production, the HarvestIQ provides you with the actionable information necessary to adjust the growing environment & nutrients for real-time course correction, providing optimal quality and greater profits.

The HarvestIQ offers actionable insights allowing growers to:

Not just thc & cbd

Know your grow!

HarvestIQ by Greenlight Analytical

hardware & software innovations

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HarvestIQ in-house cannabis analyzer Early Adopter Program

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